Merge Arts Festival New Roots Stage: Sat 19/ Sun 20/ Sat 26/ Sun 27 Sept

The New Roots Stage at the Merge Festival, four days of our favourite bands on stage outside the Tate Modern on the river walkway, facing the millennium bridge. There are plenty of seats and tables and a lovely little bar serving beer, wine and soft drinks, midday til six each day, and all for free!
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Saturday 19th September : Mishaped Pearls/ Ma Polaine’s Great Decline/ Shama Rahman/ Iyatra Quartet/ Jack Harris
5.00 pm : Mishaped Pearls 

4.00 pm: To Be Confirmed
3.00 pm: Ma Polaine’s Great Decline 

2.00 pm: Shama Rahman 

1.00 pm:  Iyatra Quartet 

12.00 pm: Jack Harris 

Sunday 20th September : Son of Kirk/ Jones/ Adam Beattie & The Consultants/ Alice Phelps/ Quest Ensemble/ Ned Roberts
5.00 pm: Son of Kirk

4.00 pm:  Jones

3.00 pm: Adam Beattie & The Consultants

2.00 pm: Alice Phelps

1.00 pm: Quest Ensemble 

12.00 pm: Ned Roberts 

Saturday 26th September : Simon Stanley Ward & The Shadows of Doubt/ Bouche/ Lounge Cat Ideals/ Hallelujah Trails/ Jenny Wren/ Robert Chaney
5.00 pm: Simon Stanley Ward & The Shadows of Doubt

4.00 pm: Bouche 

3.00 pm: Lounge Cat Ideals

2.00 pm: Hallelujah Trails 

1.00 pm: Jenny Wren

12.00 pm: Robert Chaney 

Sunday 27th September : Stick In The Wheel/ Dana Immanuel & The Stolen Band/ Lords of Thyme/ Samantha Whates/ James McArthur & The Head Gardeners/ Nic Dawson Kelly
5.00 pm: Stick In The Wheel

4.00 pm: Dana Immanuel & The Stolen Band 

3.00 pm: Lords of Thyme 

2.00 pm: Samantha Whates

1.00 pm: James McArthur

12.00 pm  Nic Dawson Kelly

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